Free Speech: Expensive, Offensive and Worth the Price!

Christopher Topher on Free Speech, and the Forbidden History of Unpopluar People

I stand with those people who, like Gary Hardgrave, will protect their right to free speech – by using it!

I will continue to speak up about issues of importance to the wider community, and I sure as eggs won’t be silenced by the Gillard government.

Freedom of speech is essential to holding the government to account and we can all protect free speech by using it, and letting the Gillard government know that in order to hold the Newman government to account, they might just want to think twice about Finkelstein’s recommendations.

I, too, am standing up for free speech, but I need your help.  Please post this video onto Facebook and Twitter.  Email, text, tweet, blog, host and post to everyone you can, especially your Federal MP and let them know that if they support this news media council, then you are never going to support them.


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