Man ‘marries’ 12 year old girl in Islamic ceremony

Islam-Child-MarriageSo this 26 year old man presents his young ‘wife’ to a high school, to enrol her.  How progressive.

I am fed up to the back teeth with the promotion of ideas such as abuse of young girls, treatment of women as one half of that of men and the abuse, terrorising and killing of non-believers.  These ideas are promoted in Mosques.  Can the Feds have a quick look to see what kinds of literature are being used in Mosques in Australia.

An American Mosque survey suggests that 81% of Mosques use violent literature.

In Australia, sedition is against the law.  So is maltreatment of women.  And so is murder, terrorism and sexual acts with minors.



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6 Responses to Man ‘marries’ 12 year old girl in Islamic ceremony

  1. bafriyie says:

    Under-aged marriage, regardless of one’s race, beliefs, religions or sex is wrong. This isn’t marriage, it’s a form of rape. Religion is a private matter, and people are entitled to their beliefs. However, there are human rights that trump religious ones, such as the right to be respected.

  2. Allan says:

    How convenient for pedophiles. I wonder how long it is going to take for pedophiles to begin to convert to Islam and start trying to marry underage girls?

  3. How can her parents allow this I have 2 daughters and no way in hell would anyone marry them at 12

  4. Pam Liddell says:

    Again tells you what little respect they have for children and women, WHAT ABOUT THE PARENTS they to need jailing, what parent does that to there child, EVIL RELIGION AND CULTURE

  5. HALIMA says:

    sick muslims are emulating mohammed who married Aisha age 6yrs consummated at age 9yrs so why are we surprised?? hence the increase in muslim converts ughhhhhhhhhhh

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