I have lived a life of uncompromising freedom.  And I never thought I would live to see the destruction of European countries, in a manner that is diabolical.  The collectivists and apologists implore leaders to do more.  High profile types add their voices to an ever growing chorus of “show us your morals”.  And the media push the lies that are required for countries to go under.  Under a swarm of refugees, jihadis, Muslims, country shoppers and adventurers.

Commissioner for Social Affairs for the German city of Munich gives impassioned speech about the city being overwhelmed with foreigners and not being able to cope, even with emergency measures:



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2 Responses to Gobsmacked

  1. Clearly you don’t live anywhere near Europe if you believe it’s being ‘destructed’. That’s utterly laughable.

    Do you believe Lebanon is being ‘destructed’ seeing as its taken in over a million people?

    I have no idea what ‘jihadis’ are. As jihad simply means struggle.

    As far as ‘country shopping’ goes, these people should be welcome wherever in the world they wish to make a life for themselves.

  2. Mary Cameron says:

    Hi WhiteMagic, I would take issue with any mob of people walking around the streets, getting into fights and making demands, as some of the videos put up on Live Leak show. I would expect the police or military to maintain order. Jihad is clearly defined in Islamic texts and can be either a personal struggle or a fight with non-believers. Self selected migrants make it harder to help those persecuted minorities who do need help. The Gulf States like Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and others need to take more migrants to help the surrounding countries like Turkey and Jordan with the load. Most Syrians just want to go back home. They want the fighting to stop.

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