Why I am an Islamophobe

Muslim Barbie

Many people ask me why a lowly kafir like me would even take an interest in Islam in the first place.  In 2009, three young Muslim girls were dumped into the Rideau Canal (Kingston, Ontario, Canada), along  with their father’s first wife.  Zainab, Sahar, Geeti and Rona were murdered by their father, mother and brother.  That is not the worst part.  The worst part came out  in the court case and involved the blind ignorance of the Montreal teachers, social  workers and  police officers to  whom those poor girls turned for help.  They did not understand what Islam says about girls and women.  They did not understand what Islam says about the killing of family to restore honour, so they believed the father’s lies and did nothing to help.  How could many Canadians remain silent in the face of such barbarity?  It is that standing by in polite silence whilst girls are being killed that made my furious, curious and serious about getting to the bottom of this PC culture that pervades Western societies.

I think about the main victims of Islam most days: the Muslim women and children who might be trapped in families of oppression and abuse, in communities of conformity, backed by demonstrable and historical threats against their lives.

This is just  one example of the Muslim victims of Islam




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