What’s Up With Fingertips?

UPDATE 13 November 2015

From Facing God, the following quote: (emphasis mine)

A Muslim friend expressed to me her inner turmoil about wearing fingernail polish. Water must touch fingernails before Allah will hear Muslims’ prayers. A Polish chemist, Wojciech Inglot, invented porous nail polish. Allah is satisfied, as is my friend.

I see now that the crime is the wearing of nail polish, when Islam stipulates that water must touch the fingernails before Allah will hear her prayer.

That punishment now makes perfect sense.


In her book ‘Veiled Threat’, Sally Armstrong records the vicious treatment of women in Afghanistan after the Russians withdrew in the 1990’s..  Within days, public officials were executed and women required to wear the burqa.
One woman who wore nail polish was forcibly held down and had her fingertips sliced off by the Islamic Taliban.

Blazing Cat Fur reports that ISIS sliced off the fingertips of a twelve year old Syrian boy because he refused to convert to Islam.

This comes straight from the Qur’an.

Quran (8:12)“I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” 


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