If You Support the Muslim Invaders, You Are Too Stupid To Tell Me What To Do

The invasion of millions of Muslims, most of whom are military aged men, is creating chaos for the citizens of Greece, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria and Germany.  Any other country on the migratory path suffers the same fate: thousands of angry, filthy migrants in their public roads, paddocks and city streets, rubbish and food tossed aside, rape of infidel women and girls, public disorder, riots and worse.  Anyone who thinks that this migration is a good idea is a hapless fool.  I predicted civil war within weeks or months when the main stream media finally started misreporting this issue, and the Germans are the first one to be reported to form militias to assist the police.

From Pamela Geller’s blog, which I also check every day, and suggest you do  too.

Citizens Militia Magdeburg: “The purpose of our militia is not to take over police duties! Nevertheless the police appear more and more to be at their limit when it comes to protecting our security.”

How on earth anyone can think that it is a good idea to willingly allow foreign invaders in the hundreds of thousands to come in without forcing them back is beyond me.  Islamic culture is different than Western culture.  Islam teaches that it is a sacred duty to kill unbelievers (for the uber stupid, that is YOU), to lie to unbelievers and to rape unbelievers (and again for the  uber stupid, that might be YOUR daughter, YOUR wife or YOUR mother or YOUR sister).


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