In Bendigo, we fight mosque applications. Not so in Sault Ste Marie ….

A small city in Northern Ontario, Canada has its own Mosque revealed.  Funny how many Canadians welcome the Mosque and show support in the comment feed (probably  some critical comments removed for .. er “safety”.  Or something.)

In Bendigo, we fight them, because Islam is incompatible with basic Western values, like liberty, freedom of speech,  the worth of the individual, opposition to killing and the criminalisation of child sex .

It astounds me that small towns and cities welcome this obvious, demonstrable and potentially explosive murderous violence into their neighbourhoods.

In Sault Ste Marie, if you are a kafir woman, prepare to be raped.  If you are a Muslim woman, prepare for the PC Police to NOT protect you from your family if you don’t want to wear a hijab.  If you are unfortunate enough to live in the immediate neighbourhood of this Mosque, prepare for parking jihad, abuse from Muslim attendees, and thuggish behaviour.  And prepare for the drop in property values that Mosques and devout Muslims deliver.

Trudeau will make the situation for Muslims better, and make your lives much worse.

See my last post Paris = Beirut.


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