Even She’s Not THAT Retarded


I must say that post modern “thinking” confounds me.  Anyone who thinks that there is “more than two sexes” is either unfamiliar with basic biology or just plain crazy-stupid.  Retarded even.

To suggest that X and Y chromosomes just don’t matter is to bury basic biological facts.  Females have XX and Males have XY.  It is a simple matter of cells under the microscope stuff.

Like Down’s Syndrome for example, caused by the presence of one extra sex chromosome.

I am sure if you asked her parents or siblings, they would think that X and Y chromosomes DO matter.


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5 Responses to Even She’s Not THAT Retarded

  1. mytgjourney says:

    Hi. Just curious, what is your opinion on intersex individuals or those who for example have xxy genes. And I mean that genuinely not being sarcastic or anything… because every time I hear the there is only 2 gender argument the issue of intersex individuals get left out.

  2. Mary Cameron says:

    Thanks mytjourney, yes the odd wrong combination does come up and from my understanding the chromosomes in the egg or the chromosomes in the sperm have not divided as per normal, so these individuals would be abnormal, rare and not at all representative of a type of “sex” or “gender”. And it is definitely not the basis upon which to set public policy for all.

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