Military Coup BINGO

After watching, slack jawed with disbelief, the actions of Merkel who invited the underclass of the world to Germany’s small towns and cities, I am left to ponder which European Country will actually be the first to suffer a Military Coup?

Top of the list is Merkel. She well deserves to be frog marched out of office at the barrel of a gun.  For the “safe space” babies, no I am not suggesting she be shot.  Just marched out of office.

People are rising up.

Second on the list might be Sweden, for reasons well known and highlighted by the impossibly humorous “Angry Foreigner”:

Third on the list might be the Socialist Hell that is France, again for reasons well established by the recent Islamic Terrorist attacks in January this year, and again in November.  Despite the tough talk from Hollande, it is idiots like him that have invited natural born killers into French communities to lie  in wait and strike when convenient.

This Imams are backing away at the rate of knots from the jihadis.  We know nothing, we saw nothing, we say nothing.  That  pisses me off to no end.


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