What was that? Change Nothing?

You have got to be kidding.   Thanks to commenter “Martin”  on Vlad Tepes Blog.

Latest stupidity from the German Vice Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel.

SOT, Sigmar Gabriel, German Vice Chancellor (German): “Ladies and Gentlemen, you can imagine that this SPD steering committee meeting is dealing exclusively with the event of last weekend, namely the attack in Paris and its consequences for France, Germany and Europe. We are of course deeply moved by the outrage of this pointless murders in Paris. It is clear that the terror of IS [Islamic State] is not only against the French people, but it is against freedom and the self-determination of life. In this respect this terror and violence can harm anyone who is representing the ideas of freedom and self-determination. This why it is our task to defend our lives and ideas. I think that the concept of these days that ‘after the Paris attacks everything has changed’ is the most wrong sentence to say. I think that we should not change after Paris. After Paris we can’t live in fear and change our way of living together and our cosmopolitanism. If it was to change everything after Paris, then the terrorists would be celebrating their first success. We don’t want to change how we live together peacefully, with different cultures in our country and in Europe.


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