Read, Learn, Study, Debate and Opine


This article is a great start to a much needed public debate on how  to resolve the  terrorism du jour: Islamic inspired Caliphate Curmudgeons who send their sons and daughters to kill anyone who won’t tow the insane Islamic line.

In addition to listening to people who have actually lived in, worked in or travelled to the Middle East or any Muslim majority country, I believe a good start is to read.   Read the Qur’an (for the non PC –  Koran).  Read the Reliance of the Traveller.  Read the various Hadiths.  Read the Sura – the story of Mohammed, who was a ruthless, successful warrior, slave trader, booty bagger and sexual deviant.  Read about the Barbary Coast and why the word “barbarians” came about.

Islam sets out inequality in its basic doctrine, which gives a clearly inferior (that is a soft word, more like non person) status to any non-Muslim, Christian, Jew, woman (Muslim or not), hypocrite (fellow Muslims who are not doing it right).   Islam sets out two sets of rules: one for devout Muslims, and another for “unbelievers”.   A dual system of ethics  and behaviour is bound to result in rampant, embedded inequality, backed by demonstrable and dangerous threats to behead anyone who  dissents.

The Islamic definition of justice is quite different than the Western ideas of justice.  Our  “Justice” system has checks and balances, disclosure, courts, judges, public hearings, equality before the law and more bells and whistles than the Founding Fathers imagined.   Islamic justice can (and is) meted out by individuals who claim to be acting as Mohammed did.  If you have studied Mohammed’s example, this justice can be delivered swiftly, without mercy.   Take Sally Armstrong’s telling of the story of  when the Taliban took over Kabul after the Russians were chased out.  (Yay for the Underdog!)  Within days, one young bride was held down in the street and had some random devout Muslim clip her fingertips off.  Why? She had done the crime of wearing nail polish. And  the punishment itself is from the Koran 8:12.

Marginalisation and Intolerance both arise from the basic inequality embedded in Islamic doctrine.  If you think a fellow human being is sub-human and a kafir, you are not likely to want to look at them, be near them or employ them.  The intolerance of the superior Muslim over the lowly kafir or the Jew (descendants of apes and pigs according to Islamic scripture) is embedded in Islamic doctrine and teachings.   Arabic apartheid appears to be evident in some Islamic circles.  Considering that Islam is a belief system held by many races and countries, there runs an elite “actual racism” of some Arabic people over others who may call themselves Muslims but have the wrong skin colour.

Economic strife can arise from marginalisation, but it can also arise from hundreds of years of dhimmitude and the application of the Jizya on subject populations within Islamic cultures.

I do concur that the results MUST come from within the Islamic  world, but to help sort the problem, it is necessary to read, study, debate and opine.  Keep our freedom of speech intact, to give Muslims a much needed voice for any reform.

Keep writing Mr Fox.  And keep talking.






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