What the Halal?


ISLAM, a minority religion in Australia, is literally being forced down the throats of unknowing Australians and few politicians are brave enough to stand up and challenge the fact.

This situation will explode when the senate economics reference committee reports on its inquiry into food certification — principally halal food certification — at the end of the month.


Australians have been duped for decades into paying to promote Islam via halal certification fees paid to Islamic certifiers.

The halal certification industry is in for a serious overhaul, and even some of the dullest politicians get it.

One of the largest certifiers, the Halal Certification Authority, sends large sums to the global Islamic charity Human Appeal International, which was listed by the CIA as a conduit for terrorist funds 19 years ago and was banned in Israel seven years ago for channelling funds to the terrorist organisation Hamas.

HAI also sponsored two visits to Australia by a violent Islamist named Tareq Al-Suwaidan, who was banned from the US and Belgium for his vicious anti-Semitism.

HAI declined to send a representative to appear ­before the committee.

The links between halal certification fees and jihad are there.  They have been shown to exist in other countries.  It is  just our turn to discover how cunning and devious these particular Muslims are.

No, I will not willingly buy any grocery item that has had halal certification fees paid.

And  no, I am not a racist.



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