White Ribbon Day. I call Bullshit.

photo 1 white ribbonI was walking in Queen Street Mall when I stumbled across two Australian Army blokes selling something.  I stopped and asked what they were selling and it related to “White Ribbon Day”.  I politely declined.  Perhaps I did tell them it was a bullshit campaign.  I may have.

I then beheld the most vulgar display I have ever seen.  Black and White signs held that “one woman is killed every week by her partner”.  And other such rubbish.

photo 2 white ribbon

They did not say that 40% of Domestic Violence victims are men.  Yes, MEN.  They did not say that lesbian relationships are many times more violent than normal relationships.  And this campaign just demonises men.

The display consisted of these lying signs and black cardboard women.  Lies make me cross.  Very cross.

I was stunned to see the Army had been hoodwinked by feminist idealogues who hate men, but that is what you get when you feminise the Army.

photo 3 white ribbon

If you want to know more about the lies of feminism, head to Girl Writes What blog.  Karen Straughan serves up some common sense.  Have a look.



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