Believe in Bendigo?

Bendigo Mosque Dec 2015


The  Bendigo mosque application in 2014 has caused a stir in the town of Bendigo.  Most patriots can understand the impact of a local mosque where next to no Muslims live.

Andrew Bolt opined on the Australian Islamic Mission (AIM), who is funding the mosque application.  It looks like AIM has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, to Hamas and to some unsavoury characters who have been denied access to the  USA and the UK.

The mosque protestors have not had an easy run.  First the Bendigo Bank pulled their bank account, and now the mosque support group – Believe in Bendigo – is reported to have received $50,000 from the taxpayers of Victoria to help fight the opponents of this mosque.

Now the Victorian Court of Appeal has refused the appeal.

The average person would just give  up in disgust and allow these dhimmis to experience #IslamDirect.   Not these patriots at Stop The Mosque.

Oh, and there is that small matter of the gang rape of a young mother in Bendigo in 2011.  And another one?  You can Bendigo Bank on it! Yay!




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