ASIO Bossy Boots


UPDATE 20.12.2015

The mighty Andrew Bolt returns from Christmas break to cover this astounding story:  What other Liberal MPs is Turnbull handing over to the spooks?

Malcolm Turnbull says he provided ASIO’s chief Duncan Lewis with the phone number of one of the government MPs controversially asked by Mr Lewis to try to avoid the risk of inflaming tensions between local Muslims and others in the community.

It is plainly stupid – a craven surrender – to refrain from criticising Islam as endorsing violence for fear that Islam’s followers will commit violence. That alone says all we need to know.

But it is sinister if the Prime Minister connives in having the ASIO boss make his backbenchers toe his controversial line.

A memo to the ASIO boss. Your job is to keep us safe, but not at the cost of curbing debate.

UPDATE! 19.12.2015

The  Daily Sunny responds to the infantile idea that talking about Islamic inspired violence will only make them punch us in the nose:

And Greg Sheridan, top Aussie journalist has his say  on Sky News:

ASIO is our top spy agency.  It stands for Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

Duncan Lewis, the head of ASIO is now Sharia compliant.  And my  oh my that just made my day.

Duncan Lewis has reportedly contacted several Liberal (read Conservative) Members of Parliament, and asked them to watch their language when they are talking about Islam.


So the head of our top security agency is on board with Islamic ideas of blasphemy.  I wonder if he agrees with the Sharia punishment for blasphemy?

It is all I can do to NOT cuss like a funny sailor.

UPDATE! The Pickering Post takes aim and hits the bullseye:

And make no mistake, Duncan Lewis has gone into bat for Islam.

This is what he said last week

“I don’t buy the notion that the issue of Islamic extremism is in some way fostered or sponsored or supported by the Muslim religion. I don’t buy that at all. I think it’s blasphemous to the extent that I can comment on someone else’s religion.’’

Let’s get to the crux of the problem: Duncan Lewis is more concerned about ‘blaspheming’ Islam than he is about protecting Australians.

As a result, he’s not prepared to even analyse Islamic ideology. He just wants us all to respect it, even though he has no idea what it consists of. As he says, it’s not his religion.

There’s really only one way to deal with people like this.

You can’t educate them: they are too intellectual for that.

You can’t reason with them: they are too proud for that.

And you can’t communicate with them: they’ve already decided that you are part of the problem.

Basically, the only thing left that you can do is humiliate them.




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