Outright Theft

Brian Wilshire wrote a book called “Fine  Print 2” which covered this issue.  This book was published in 1993.

In his book, he quotes Don McAlvany of the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor:

“McIlvany gives an example of a CTR [Cash Transaction Report] violation case with which he is familiar: a high school principal with an absolutely clean record — not even a speeding charge — a few years ago purchased $62,000 worth of  Krugerrands from a coin dealer.  Several days later he mailed nine separate cashier’s cheques to the dealer, of sizes varying between $6,000 and $9,000.   He had accumulated $62,000 in cash (after tax) over a 15 or 20 year period, believing that privacy and Amendment IV of the US  Constitution were still in effect.  He was wrong.  He had gone to nine separate banks to buy the cashier’s cheques.  Three of them turned him in to  the IRS.  ….. found guilty ….. fined $200,000; had his $62,000 forfeited to the IRS; and was sentenced to five years in federal penitentiary — all for the new “money-laundering crime” of buying cashier’s cheques with his own cash.”

Just watch.  And learn what the main stream have not been reporting about often enough, if ever.


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