♫♪♫ Jingle Bells, Go to HELL


Long standing investigation  into alleged terrorist plots to do attacks in NSW.  Have arrested 11 people so far.  Further 2 arrests today.  Operation Appleby.  24 year old man at Merrylands charged with making a document likely to cause a terror attack, penalty 15 years.  We have also arrested a 20 year old man at Bankstown.  He will be charged with conspiracy to do an act  …. carries a penalty of life if convicted.  This charge relates to matters being investigated last year.

Operation Appleby has had a lot of success by disrupting things from occurring.

Navy base was one of several locations planned to be attacked.

Not one mention of Islam.  Not one mention of religion of peace.  Media will be full throttle with “backlash” and “victim” Muslims.

My opinion? Don’t use the court system to try them.  Put these bastards at a military trial and don’t lend them any of our civil rights.


Two young men of unconfirmed names and background have been arrested in Sydney as reported just now on 2GB873.

Names have been provided to media, but must not be relayed at the moment.  I think 2GB is awaiting confirmation.

They were planning an attack just like the Parramatta one, where senior jihadis sent a child to do a man’s job.  [ They really are cowards.]  NSW  Police employee Curtis Cheng was shot in the  back of the head by the 15 year old martyr.  Police sent this child to paradise, courtesy of  a well timed bullet.

If only there was a common link that could be  identified.  Beats me.

Merry Christmas, kafirs.


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