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And this, from one of the most courageous and gifted heroes in the entire universe, Pamela Geller.

The Jewish High School devoted the better part of an hour, defaming Pamela Geller to hapless students.

One student wrote to Geller.  This is  terrific.  This gives me hope for the  future of freedom.

I am an 19-year-old college student. I just wanted to express my support and let you know that a few years ago my high school, Solomon Schechter Westchester, invited a speaker from Truah specifically to bash you for 45 straight minutes. Jill Jacobs said you were a bigoted racist who gives Jews a bad name. My classmates, upon seeing your bus signs and being told they were directed at Islam as a whole, not only Jihadists, said they were embarrassed to be a part of your religion.

I tried to walk out but was not allowed. I also had no idea who you were, and upon further research that night, I realized that I agreed with most of what you preached. I saw that you were far from anti-Muslim, only looking to stop the radicalization that the left is too afraid to recognize. I asked the administration if I could invite you in to speak, and they said no on the grounds that you preach “hate speech” and that the school doesn’t tolerate that. That was the day I decided to graduate and never return to that cesspool of liberal indoctrination ever again.

Read it all on the link.  Read it all.  There  is good in the world  after all.


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