BREAKING – Jakarta Multiple Explosions

UPDATE: 5:15 pm Qld

#Jakarta updates here from @JewelTopsfield + video of the explosion

— Amanda Hoh (@amandahoh) January 14, 2016


UPDATE: 4:47 pm Qld

RT cnni: JUST IN: CNN speaks to UN employee in lockdown at scene of multiple explosions in #Jakarta

— MDP Haruge(@OfficialHaruge) January 14, 2016


UPDATE: Sputnik News reporting – 4:34 pm

Several gunmen, having carried out a series of attacks in the center of Jakarta, are still hiding in a cinema, with many people believed to be inside, media reported Thursday.

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UPDATE: 4:24 pm Qld

Police say reports of explosions in other parts of Jakarta were a media hoax sent out by terrorists on social media

— Jewel Topsfield (@JewelTopsfield) January 14, 2016






UPDATE: @2GB873 quoting Reuters update: At least one suicide bomber and up to  14 militants tossing grenades.  Central Jakarta is largely in lockdown.  Police and  military crawling  all over the place.  This is still a situation underway.  Potential targets are UN  building and cafes in the precinct. 4:10  pm Qld. 2GB talking to Jeffery Hutton an on the ground witness at Jakarta.  He says bodies are lying on the road, coordinated series of attacks, military operation now.  Hutton says the dead appear to be civilians.  Hutton is looking at the Police station, which a motorcycle borne rider tossed a grenade into about an hour and a half ago.  Police are trying to push back the crowds, including myself.  He  says this is a very slow moving incident.  This seems to have taken people by surprise.  Hutton says the scene of the mall can be approached and civilians are mingling with police, military and reporters.   Eye witness is thanked for his time.  He is a financial journalist.

UPDATE: Indonesia based reporter tweets picture of bomb disposal unit. 4:03 pm

Jakarta Update 5.jpg

UPDATE: RT Live Updates 4:00 pm

UPDATE: @2GB873 “The action isn’t over yet” in Jakarta. 3:53 pm

UPDATE:  UN Staffer tweets picture and update from office window.  Media moving closer to action. Lockdown to last. 3:51 pm

Jakarta Update 4



UPDATE: Another blast has been reported on twitter feed.  Picture posted on twitter of battle. 3:20 pm

Jakarta Update 3.png

UPDATE: @2GB873 Jakarta Police report that they had received a warning from   Sky News reporting 6 explosions, attackers on motorcycles throwing grenades.  Believed to be four casualties at this stage.  A number of assailants were involved.  3:09 pm Qld time

UPDATE: @2GB873 – Attackers throwing grenades.  2:56 pm Qld time

UPDATE: Courier Mail –  pictures and more information: 2:53 pm Qld time

AT least four people are dead following a series of co-ordinated explosions across central Jakarta, including one fatal blast at a coffee shop outside the United Nations building.

A police officer was shot in an exchange of gunfire at the Sarinah shopping mall in the CBD and there are reports that “active shooters” are still on the loose.

Firearms found in a nearby building as reported by Antara News.

UPDATE: @2gb873 “Up to 14 persons  involved in the bombing at Jakarta Mall”. 2:52 pm Qld time

UPDATE: UN Staffer – picture from office window. 2:44 pm Queensland

Jakarta - Jeremy Office Window


Qld 2:26 pm Twitter reports from UN staffer in Jakarta: Multiple bombs – 6 – and orders to stay away from windows.   UN Staffer is 100  m away from the initial bomb.

Jeremy Douglas UN


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