Not fabulous. Not at all.

Selina was groped in Germany in public by hordes of “Arabic or North African men” who spoke Arabic.

So why is she under attack?

For speaking the undeniable truth.

A couple of months ago, my Leftie mate said that she was glad that migrants were coming to Greece and trekking over the paddocks into many European countries, because then us Westerners would pay attention to their plight.

I  don’t think she realised that the migration of Merkel’s million Muslims would tear at the fabric of civilisation, would threaten the foundations of hard won freedoms and end up with the public rape, molestation of unprepared and unprotected Western women.  I  won’t bring it  up.   It is not something that she can possibly comprehend, so  why on earth would I even start?

I  predicted civil war some time ago.   The savagery of devout Muslims was not a surprise, but the scale of New Year’s Eve was.

We are in deep shit.



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