Toilet sex. In Primary School!

NSW Sex Ed-1

I became concerned about sex education delivered to small children when Blazing Cat Fur exposed some of the incredible stuff that school children were being taught inside the  Toronto District School Board.   Who do these people think they are?  Not BCF. The  School Board.

Now this, from NSW in Australia:

Explosive revelations of sexual abuse at a respected private school have led to the removal of a six-year-old boy and counselling for at least eight others.

The group of Year One students were caught ‘getting naked and engaging in sexual acts’ in the school toilets during lunch time at Trinity Grammar School in Sydney’s inner west, reports Daily Telegraph.

Parents have voiced their outage at the fact the shocking scenes unfolded during what was supposed to be supervised school hours.

Further uproar was sparked because parents were only told about the incidents after the school holidays had started – meaning they were not offered a refund for the $18,000 fees if they removed their sons.

So a bunch of small boys are experimenting with sexual activity, and the parents are not told immediately?

This is a scandal.

Sadly, I am not shocked.  I have written about the toxic impact of child sex education previously, and remain very concerned about the insidious nature of asking a trusted person to impart the most intimate information to children, ready or not.

Oh, yes.  The picture above is a screen grab from the NSW Education website.

If feminists say there is no difference between the sexes, why all the hullabaloo over sex differences in PRIMARY SCHOOL?  If these WELTs could keep their stories straight then we might just start to believe their lies.

What are the NSW teachers up to?  Time parents had a closer look.

Difference between the Left and the Right according to Dennis  Prager.


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