Schoolgirl kidnapped and raped for 30 hours

UPDATE: Vlad Tepes Blog video.  More to come.  I am perfectly disgusted with Germany.  Perfectly.

No it is not  the Pastafarians that are doing this.

From Pamela Geller, who cites the Epoch Times.

The Police, the Press, the Politicians, the Professors and the Prosecutors are all spiralling into  a cacophony of silence,  dhimmitude and lies.

Google translate:

Berlin: 13-year-old migrant kidnapped and raped for 30 hours Epoch Times, Sunday, January 17 2016 (thanks to Jen): A 13-year-old German-Russian was kidnapped these days in Berlin and held captive by three unknowns for 30 hours and repeatedly raped. Various Russian media reported the incident. The German-Russian community is appalled by a crime, be silent about the German police and the media. Because of the spiral of silence is raging in the social media dispute whether the message truth or “right propaganda” was – the victims described the perpetrators as “Arab men.” Epoch Times called the Berlin police and received from a spokeswoman for the following official statement:

Oh, my God it gets worse:

The cousin explained that the police filed no charges against the perpetrators. Officials had the 13-year-old during a three-hour interrogation, which took place isolated and without an accompanying person, laughed at, mocked and falsehood accused – until she had collapsed and the presentation of the police had agreed – namely that the rape had not taken place, that it is only should look like and that they which have willed it so 13-year-old. The girl was therefore forced by law enforcement officers to a false statement on their tormentors. The family now comes with a lawyer against these measures. There is a medical document confirming the rape.



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