Vaclav Klaus lifts the veil on Islamic migration

Vaclav Klaus n me cnc

Photo courtesy Professor Bob Carter.  Another champion for truth and freedom.  Professor Carter snapped this photo in 2011.

Below is what we can find of what he said today in Germany. I will also take this opportunity to repost a few other national leaders that have spoken plainly about islamic migration into Europe, and who’s advice and analysis has been so grotesquely under-viewed it is an embarrassment to us all. When national leaders take our position and speak clearly on the matter, the mere act of millions of views would propel those speeches into the MSM across the world. This would result in policy changes.

Yes its my view that the mere act of enough of us watching a video can change things because that is how the politics of cowardice work in the West. Perhaps we can all do our bit and send these serious people with clear thoughts on these critical matters out to all we know and encourage them to send it out as well.

Jan. 22 – 2016 Vaclav Klaus in Germany: “Europe is at War”




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