It’s time to talk Same-Sex “Marriage”


Tony Abbott’s sister – Christine Forster – who was once straight and has now morphed into a lesbian loud mouth, wants the Australian Parliament to re-think its stance on the matter of redefining marriage to include the freak show that is the militant gay lobbyists and their fellow travellers.

“I believe that in 2016 a majority of Australians are ready to allow their MPs to make good on the call then-Prime Minister Abbott made in May last year, when he said in question time that this important reform “ought to be owned by the parliament.”

Exasperated conservatives like me are sick to death of hearing only one side of this loud and ever present conversation. We hear that gays want to be treated just like everyone else, and that changing the Australian Marriage Act would be a tolerant and inclusive thing to do.  We hear moaning and gnashing of teeth from militant gays who say that gays are not free and equal citizens, that there are legal disadvantages, that there are social and cultural benefits for gays by allowing them to legally marry, that same sex marriage is GOOD for  marriage and that there is growing  popular support for same sex marriage.

I say bollocks to Christine Forster and her undeserved platform in the main stream media. Marriage has been done enough damage by heterosexuals who have been led down the garden path of no fault divorce, feminism and incentives for single mothers.   Again, the children are the biggest losers in this one-sided debate.  No, gays are not discriminated against, and they never have been to any great extent.  They have been tolerated when they are tolerant.  Marriage should not be changed to include those few homosexuals who will never be satisfied with main stream society.  Changing the Marriage Act would be a big wedge through which to lever massive social change.

A plebiscite is a good idea, and the only plebiscite is a good one which airs BOTH sides of the story.   A plebiscite is  the very heart of democracy, a government for the people, by the people and of the people.

I say bring it on.



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One Response to It’s time to talk Same-Sex “Marriage”

  1. Gay marriage implies that a union between a man and a man is equal to a man and a woman. This is a misleading dichotomy, and if it were true, then the human race would not have lasted this long

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