Suffer the little children

Further to this post at The Rebel Megaphone, more victims have come forward.


The Australian Christian Lobby has alerted us to another young Australian mother who has spoken out about the toxic and dangerous content of the “Safe Schools Program” being rolled out inside primary and secondary schools in Australia. The new victims are a young mother and her children, who are now being homeschooled.  And that is the good news.

This dangerous and utterly evil sex education springs from the mind of a child molester himself.  With the finalist Australian of the Year being a man now passing himself off as a woman, and same sex marriage dominating the media, some parents will no doubt wonder just what the heck has happened to Australia.

This Orwellian “Safe Schools” program teaches girls to bind their chests, so that their breasts won’t develop. It encourages children to cross dress, and teaches children sexual techniques.  Despite this mother’s concerns, many of her colleagues don’t appear to have any problem at all with the material being taught to their innocent and vulnerable children.

For God’s sake even Germaine Greer is against the so-called post modern “Gender Theory” which gives rise to this utter insanity.

It ain’t fittin’. It just ain’t fittin’.  It ain’t fittin’ – to tell a boy that he can become a girl if he wants to.   It just ain’t fittin’.

Oh, and just when you thought it was safe to open your eyes to the same sex marriage lobby. They are really coming for YOUR children. They are, and they should be stopped in their tracks.

“The tale of a girl with two mothers, Mummy and Mumma Get Married is a lovely little kids’ book that’s just been published following a fabulously successful local crowd-funding campaign.

“My girlfriend Natalie and I co-wrote this story,” Roz Hopkins tells Same Same. “The idea for it came into my mind at the time of the marriage equality referendum in Ireland. I felt inspired by what had happened there, and frustrated by the situation here in Australia.”

Yes, they want to roll this book out into every primary school in Australia.

I say stuff ‘em. I am fighting back.



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2 Responses to Suffer the little children

  1. MP says:

    It’s really scary stuff. The State really is taking parenting away from parents:

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