Uplifting words. Indescribable loss for a family.

My brother Patrick.

Bern, God often makes you wait till the very last second before he moves to bring you out of trouble. The evil you face is not Gary Burns, he is simply an agent of the true enemy, it is not the Gay / Islamic / military / political muppet organisations, these are simply small groups used by the enemy to enact his chaos and disorder on the world and over turn the natural order and natural law laid down by God. The true enemy is a dark and intimidating enemy indeed that would make you think he has everything in his control. And you could almost say he does, but for one thing. He is still subject to the authority of God. He has shaped up against Him before and was smashed.

Stay true to the task set before you Bern and God will not forget you. He saw the Templars victorious in many battles against the Turks, He saw the Catholics through the great battle of Lepanto, He will see you through this as well. You just have to trust Him. Keep up the good work, direct all glory to God and things will work themselves out.


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I tried, I died.
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One Response to Uplifting words. Indescribable loss for a family.

  1. Godsfruitful says:

    Amen! So true. A great view of how the devil is under the control of our All Mighty God! God may allow some things to happen, but He is ultimately in control forever. He will reign against satan and claim His victory once and for All! I’m new to blogging and want to invite you to check out my blogs, if interested follow me back. My purpose in creating a blog site is to help encourage others in Christ. Keep up the great work with encouraging others in Christ😊🎈

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