Open letter to Malcolm Turnbull



You are not my Prime Minister because you stole what you could never earn under your own steam.  You have gone where the Liberals should never have gone.  You have utterly destroyed the Liberal brand.  You have split the Liberal party.  You have robbed conservatives of any voice in our Parliament.  And you have made Bill Shorten look Prime Ministerial.

You dumped the Immigration Minister from the National Security Committee, which I consider to be a massive blunder.

You have decided to butter up the Grand Mufti of Australia (why do we need a Grand Mufti?) and used gentler language with devout Muslims who wage cultural and kinetic jihad on us day and night.  Hours after fawning over the Grand Mufti, Curtis Cheng was shot in the back of the head by a young jihadi.   Appeasement does not work.

You sidled up to Germany’s Chancellor Merkel in a clumsy and misguided attempt to discredit Tony Abbott’s successful border control which keeps us safe and secure to this very day. You did this hours before the Paris atrocities took place and it was just another dumb and dumber contest we could all do without.  Merkel is political poison  right now, and for good reason.

You could barely utter Islam or Muslims after the atrocious Paris attacks, although you did say the word “terrorism”.   Your response did not inspire me or make me feel safe.

By the end of last year, you look not like a leader but like a dog that caught the bus it was chasing.

Duncan Lewis, the head of ASIO is fully sharia compliant.  You have no idea of how upset I feel, knowing that I am in the bullseye of sacred violence done to kaffir women in the name of Islam.  Why on earth do you hate your own citizens so much?

You have grandstanded on the popular lie that women are the only victims of domestic violence, and that “disrespecting women leads to domestic violence”.   Islamic doctrine clearly disrespects women.  Women living under Sharia law have few rights.  Some Muslim women look to us to protect their civil rights, and you do nothing but pander to the violent doctrine that subjugates them.   Get out your Bing Box and type in Mona Walter.  She is an ex Muslim in Sweden whose family was radicalised in Swedish mosques. She now cannot see any family members for fear of violence against her person.

You have blundered the budget, by sending out mixed messages on GST, on negative gearing, on tax cuts, on tax reform. You have thrown ScoMo under the bus by leaving him like a shag on a GST rock.

You have taken steps to lock minor parties out of the Senate.

You appear to have buggered up your chances of a double dissolution election, which may result in a worse parliament, not a better one.

The Safe Schools Program review was the very last straw for me. You have shown that you care not one bit about us kaffir women, but how on earth can you support the Safe Schools Program and even worse the Start Early Program?  This is dangerous ideology writ large which will impact vulnerable children to their very soul.

Malcolm, gender theory is hotly contested and demonstrably false.  Why on earth would you allow trusted teachers and day care workers to deliver intimate, moral and private information to toddlers?

This dangerous and utterly evil sex education springs from the mind of a child molester himself.  With the finalist Australian of the Year being a man now passing himself off as a woman, and same sex marriage dominating the media, some parents will no doubt wonder just what the heck has happened to Australia.

I am determined to see that you never take the office of an elected Prime Minister. I will vote, and I will destroy my ballot for the House of Representatives and I will vote for only one or two senators from truly conservative parties.  If Bill Shorten does become our new PM, at least he will have the brake of a conservative leaning senate to keep him in the middle.

Malcolm, you are not my Prime Minister. You have abused the highest office in the land for your own self aggrandizement and your overblown ego.

I am done.



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I tried, I died.
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2 Responses to Open letter to Malcolm Turnbull

  1. John says:

    Well said

  2. I am with you 120%. A self serving egotistical jerk who even makes Rudd palatable. A disgrac eto humanity and a total waste of space!

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