Brussels laughs in the face of Islam

Leftists are laughable and should be ridiculed without pity at every turn until reality sets in.  The #BrusselsBrainsTrust (Lefties) has now made the video private, which means you can’t see how utterly stupid and ignorant they look to be.  Don’t worry. You can watch it here.  You’re welcome.

In this advertisement run mere weeks ago, Belgians laughed at the very idea that Brussels was a warzone.


Update: Tweets to Patrick Bontinck, whose brainchild was the #callBrussels idea.  What is it with the virtue signallers and the truth on the ground?  This is just crazy.  One of the actual phones is (was?) in Molenbeek – Terror Central.



UPDATE 2: From Andrew Bolt in Australia:

Here are 10 steps to start with. (to ensure Brussels is a safe place).

First: close the borders to mass immigration from the Muslim third world.

Second: expel illegal immigrants.

Third: end multicultural programs.

Fourth: defend, not destroy, Western values. Challenge the self-hatred preached in universities and end the war on Christianity.

Fifth: allow more free speech, and especially that which criticises hostile faiths.

Sixth: deport foreign hate preachers and let them exercise their free speech at home.

Seventh: held refugees where they are, and not by bringing them here.

Eighth: do more to destroy terrorism centres overseas, whether the Islamic State, Boko Haram or al Qaeda.

Ninth: end the police and media censorship over race-based and faith-based crime. Let people know the truth.

Tenth: stop demonising all critics of Islam as racists or bigots.  Scrap the laws used to prosecute them.



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