#SJW Burnside blames us, houses criminal refugee

Is anyone other than me sick of these Social Justice Warriors with a high profile who support refugees at all costs, whilst contemptuously denigrating those of us  who point to obvious problems with devout jihadis who arise straight from the doctrine of Islam?

Here is Julian Burnside, activist and idiot:


He blames Miranda Devine, conservative columnist for News.com.au for creating terrorists.   How does one deal with such obvious stupidity?

Wait, there is more.  The Daily Mail is reporting on the case of “pin up” refugee Aladdin Sisalem, who Julian Burnside once housed.  I wonder if Burnside got this bloke onto the Disability Support Pension?  How much has this cost the taxpayers that Burnside likes to abuse on his twitter feed?  Read it and learn how Sisalem went on the Disability Support Pension and travelled throughout the world, costing taxpayers a packet.

Sislalem [sic] moved in with refugee advocate and barrister Julian Burnside for a short time before being moved to a unit in St Kilda.

‘When I told him about his visa he broke down and wept,’ Mr Burnside said at the time.

Fuck you, Burnside.  Don’t let a man’s tears manipulate you.



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