Children need protection from the Regressive Left

Sex Ed 3.png

From The Marcus Review.

If you don’t pay attention to the weeds in your garden, they will keep growing relentlessly until they completely take over. You can’t just pull a few out and leave it for a year or even a few months. They’ll come back a lot sooner than that… and in greater numbers.

Notice how these disgusting programs are hidden under banners such as ‘building respectful relationships’, ‘anti-bullying’, ‘safe schools’, ‘preventing family violence’ and ‘ending domestic violence’. What do these programs have to do with any of these things? The answer is almost nothing whatsoever.

Never underestimate the extreme left’s thirstiness for implementing this sickening agenda.

Thank goodness some of the more prominent independent media platforms are picking up on this very important issue.

More here from  The  Marcus Review: Is Your Toddler Ready? Sickening. Graphic. Evil.


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