Polite silence or what?



UPDATE: On The Hunt clip.

Blazing Cat Fur reported on the Chronicle Herald’s news story about school brutality  at Chebucto Heights Elementary School in Nova Scotia, Canada.  You see, Justin Trudeau has taken in hundreds and thousands of “refugees” and dumped them in small communities who don’t have the resources to deal with children who are trained from birth to hate non Muslims and hypocrites and girls. And women.

Young girls were being  slapped, choked, beaten, threatened, pushed over and intimidated by refugee boys who the community had opened its arms to.  Canadian boys were being abused and brutalised on the playground.   Parents were not being notified about these incidents and some weeks after daily abuse, some parents and children began to speak up.

Of course, reporters like Ben Spurr at the Toronto Star quickly ridiculed the story, saying that it was “bonkers” and “one-sided”.  It was people like Ben Spurr who helped get the first story spiked.  Yes, spiked.


Blazing Cat Fur then reported on how the story was changed, then removed altogether.  Boys and girls, the Chronicle Herald’s response is not reporting. It is cowardice and dhimmitude.  It is child endangerment. And it is wrong. Plain wrong.

Glad to see Faith Goldy of The Rebel Media pick up the ball on this atrocious treatment of Canadian school kids.

Goldy was full of running as she interviewed guardians, parents and actual child victims of repeated abuse, assault and intimidation.   Here is one clip from her show “On the Hunt”.  The Principal of the Chebucto School did not respond to Goldy’s questions.

Those who want to view the full  “On the Hunt” report may want to sign up as a subscriber to The Rebel Media.

I am still cross.  Lies and deception make me cross, and so do apologists like Ben Spurr.  Maybe you should contact him to tell him what you think.  Does he plan to apologise to the children who have been brutalised for months?




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