Wally Waleed

Waleed Aly, the Australian MSM’s house Muslim has won a Silver Logie award as best presenter.

Upon winning the award, of course Waleed whined about how hard it is for Muslims, and played the Muslim Victim card to great effect.

Aly also spoke about the racism within the TV industry and how he had been privately championed by people he knew to win…

“There have been a lot of people in the past week or two who have made it clear to me that me being here right now really matters to them,” he said.

“It matters to them for a particular reason.

“That reason was brought home … not so long ago actually when someone who is in this room, and I’m not going to use the name they use in the industry, came up to me, introduced themselves and said to me, `I really hope you win. My name is Mustafa. But I can’t use that name because I won’t get a job’.

What colour does my skin become if I convert to Islam, Wally?  Pardon? Is that a deafening silence I hear from you and yours?

It took less than a day before Mustafa’s story folded like a cheap blanket.  He got the job BECAUSE he was a Muslim, not in spite of it.

These Muslims are making me thirsty.  Very thirsty.

Compare Waleed’s whine to the incredible Hattie McDaniel who played Mammy in GWTW.  She played an incredibly strong role opposite Vivien Leigh’s “Scarlett O’Hara”.   And she is all class.


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