Stupid Christians get dose of Islam

UPDATE: Video of protest and commentary.

This is hilarious, and serious at the same time.  Gosford Church on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia often has rabid leftist signs on the Church sign board.  Father Bower supports Islamic refugees.  Any Christian from the Middle East could tell this misguided Father that he is as nutty as a fruit cake.

Now this.

ALMOST a dozen anti-Islamic protesters stormed a church service on Sunday morning wearing fake Muslim garb and shouting racial slurs.

About 10 members of the Party for Freedom group, big supporters of One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, interrupted the 9am sermon at the Gosford Anglican Church on NSW’s Central Coast and vilified Muslims and linked them to terrorism and paedophilia.

Of course,  the protestors  never actually cut off Father Bower’s head, or stabbed any of the parishioners.

I wonder if it occurs to very stupid Christians what would have happened had these Islamic protestors been actual devout Muslims intent on jihad against the People of the Book?


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