Australia’s ears pinned back, ready to fight

Newly minted Senator One Nation Malcolm Roberts takes on the Climate Change impassionistas:

One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson takes on the cry bully Left and talks about the unmentionable Islam and *gasp Muslims.   Who evidently self identify as Muslims so what is the issue?  Enjoy.

Here in Australia, the election results weren’t surprising to me.  The Liberals under Turnbull lost a goodly chunk of the conservative vote, and a lot of those votes ended up with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party.

The One Nation Party won four senate seats, which makes Pauline the most influential party in the Australian Senate.  Cop that Turnbull.  He was the one who said that Pauline was unwelcome in the Parliament.

Well, we voted dumb bastards out, and put in a new bunch of bastards that are looking like they are doing the job.

Any cursory read of this blog will tell the gentle reader that I am implacably opposed to violent ideas which call for my slaying.  Yep, that is where I draw  the bar.  I also oppose the slaying of innocents in relation to abortion.  That should be self evident but to many on the Left it is not.  I often wonder how Leftists can look at mother nature and decide how to destroy it, rather than embrace it is natural truth and law.  That is a matter for a separate discussion.  I am also keen to see the end of the “Global Warming” scam, which takes dough from middle class Aussies and gives that money to rent seekers which scream ‘Green’.

Well, baby take heart.  The videos posted show that my vote was well placed in the hands of the One Nation Party.

Ah! The despicable Greens walked out on Senator Hanson’s speech without shaking her hand, as is the normal custom for parliamentarians.  They really are uncivilised savages who want to shut us up.

So anyone who is stuck in a Leftist utopia please understand that there is  hope.  And you can hope with your damned vote.  Just vote the dumb bastards out.  Beats a knife or a gun at a later date.



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