Message to #GenerationNext

I have been blessed beyond belief with nieces and nephews, friends’ children and my own step children (and THEIR children) that I hardly know where to begin.

Rest assured that your voices matter and if you are patriotic, pro freedom and pro life you stand with the majority.  You are not alone.

If you feel that you must not speak on any subject, for fear of losing loved ones, please don’t stand by in polite silence while civil society is being white anted.

Read this for a start.  Link to to read article “The Suicide of the West” by Merv Bendle. Samsung says no (to Copy/Paste).

It is simply astonishing that purportedly sophisticated societies would so eagerly embrace such a large, aggressive and religiously-driven mass of invaders, especially when the historical record about the inevitable disastrous outcome is so clear.


About Mrs Beardsley

I tried, I died.
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