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Australia’s ears pinned back, ready to fight

Newly minted Senator One Nation Malcolm Roberts takes on the Climate Change impassionistas: One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson takes on the cry bully Left and talks about the unmentionable Islam and *gasp Muslims.   Who evidently self identify as Muslims so … Continue reading

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Vale Bob Carter

I was awoken from a deep sleep last night by a phone call from a cherished mate.  She told me the heartbreaking news that Bob Carter had passed away from a heart attack suffered a few days ago. I knew … Continue reading

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Gold Standard is the answer

  Molyneux has a refreshing perspective on the so-called problem of Climate Change.  The “Scientists” could make a stronger argument for abandoning fiat currency which would limit the exploitation  of scarce resources. Think about that for awhile.

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Stand and Fight.

Geller nails it again, with her outstanding synopsis of what is wrong with the West. We need to hit  out at the Destroyers. We need to go to war against the left. We have to get that into our heads. We … Continue reading

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Cabin Fever – Seven Day Forecast

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Hashtag Hag Bette Midler

Megaphone + Stupid = Midler.

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Carbon Taxi

                                Just when I thought I had heard it all, the Greens are now claiming that climate change causes bush fires in NSW, Australia, despite … Continue reading

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Czech Mate

Now, that’s a good move! The Czech government approved a draft law to end support for renewable energy, proposing to stop subsidies for new projects at the end of this year.

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Do you believe in Climate Change?

You don’t say!

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And the meek shall be hectored by Louis

Louis CK is wealthy enough to be convinced that ordinary, everyday people like us are destroying the planet.  He tries to kill two birds with one stone: Christianity AND Capitalism, both bedrocks of the personal freedom which has allowed him … Continue reading

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