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Yes v No

                21 Sep 2017 Young people frightened to support NO case. 21 Sep 2017 Ballots for sale. 21 Sep 2017 No sign torn down. 21 Sep 2017 AFL bullies NO voters by openly … Continue reading

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Christine. Good name.

Christine Tasin speaks on the peaceful nature of a particular religion.  

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Witness Deleted

Police have asked me take down this video of man speaking to journos at scene.They're concerned it makes ppl believe it was a terror event. — Andrea Hamblin (@AndieHamblin) January 20, 2017   I found a public post on … Continue reading

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Ontario – Marxist Hell Hole

If you believe gender theory, you are too stupid to vote.  Subordinating your own powers of observation to mindless lies makes you worse than stupid. It makes you dangerous.   And if you are a functional parent of a child … Continue reading

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Polite silence or what?

    UPDATE: On The Hunt clip. Blazing Cat Fur reported on the Chronicle Herald’s news story about school brutality  at Chebucto Heights Elementary School in Nova Scotia, Canada.  You see, Justin Trudeau has taken in hundreds and thousands of “refugees” … Continue reading

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Put her in a straight jacket

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State of Oppression

This young woman has been through hell and back.  Thank goodness she was able to escape to Italy to rediscover her freedom.  She needs to watch  her back, I would say.

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