I’m no protozoa

If you don’t like this, say something.

I am a victim of this shit and am playing some catch up.

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Leak fixed


Bill Leak was one of Australia’s great political cartoonists, artists and authors.  And he was bullied to death by Triggs, her Australian Human Rights Commission, and ISIS sympathisers.  Leak was forced to sell his home and move his family to a secret location because he made a cartoon against the sensitive Islamic thugs.  And he was forced to bow to official bullying to explain himself to our official thugs – an act of bastardry that is surpassed only by murderous thugs like Pol Pot.

I shall not remain silent when official bullies can hound people like Bill to death.

Well, Triggs you got what you wanted.  You may have permanently silenced Bill Leak, but you have enraged me and an army of others just like me.

Triggs, you don’t have to hound me to death.  I am terminally ill and it is only a matter of time, so please don’t waste the tax payer dollar on my musings.

UPDATE – #BLeak of the day.  This video is astounding.  Great for liberty, justice, moderation, wisdom and courage.


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Santiago Matamoros


St James is the un-politically correct patron saint and divine mentor of Spanish Christians during a key battle in 844 AD.  Matamoros is the Moor Slayer.  Uh, I will let you look that one up yourself.  Or just click the link below.

I love this article, and that cross.

Before everyone loses their shit over this, I have no idea what the Arabic writing says and will update it when I find out.  UPDATE: Arabic text says Infidel.

But I like LOVE that depiction of the cross.



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Kids are basically fucked

This truly astounded me.  My mother fought like buggery 50 years ago to get permission for me to wear  pants in the cold Canadian winter, even though the school thought girls should wear dresses.  She took them on, and she won.

Mom would never ignore this shit.  Not for a split second.

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This book is a great read, and changed my life for the better.  I followed Rob Tripp’s reporting of this extraordinary case from day one.  I had spotted his original article in June 2009.  And I was captivated by the crime scene, and the absolute horror I felt for these young Muslim girls when it was found that the three of them – Zainab, Sahar and Geeti had died along with the ‘aunt’ Rona.  (Rona turned out to be Shafia’s first wife).

This book  was the culmination of months and years of investigation and has one of the most compelling prologues I have ever read.

This crime shocked me for  many reasons: one being that nobody in Canada would  talk about it.   Ordinary folk would simply turn to other  topics.

I sure hope that has changed since 2009.



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Witness Deleted


I found a public post on facebook with the original video.

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Je ne parle pas Francais

If I understood French well enough, this would be too devastating to watch and listen.  The subtitles reflect total despair.

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