Christine. Good name.

Christine Tasin speaks on the peaceful nature of a particular religion.


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Hanson delivers

I was chatting with my lefty mate the other day.  I basically got around to saying that my vote was going to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party until one of the major parties actually got out from underneath their desk and entered the fray.

She looked horrified – as only a committed ignoramus can – when I said that.  I went on to explain that the Left had gone missing into this debate and they should be out explaining to the Australian people why migration from Islamic countries is a good thing.  Her face fell when I suggested that all the Left in the media and academia want to do is use “racist”, “bigot”, “Islamophobia” or “hater” when exposed to any questions about Islam.

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Polite Silence? Not me.

Viktor Orban, ladies and gentlemen.

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Canada: the Pakistan of the North

I read some history.  Gentle readers might want to reflect on how Pakistan came into being.

Here we are.  One democratic nation falling after another. Tick tock.

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Straya: Greens hate Christians

Malcolm Roberts is a newly minted Australian Senator who is on fire.  He stood up in the Aussie senate chamber to deliver this missive to the thugs who want to shut Christians down.

So the title “Reverend” is intimidating?  GMAB.

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Dare to tell the truth, bigot

Communist FB

One of the most fascinating articles I have read.

What remains of my life may be short, and I am only finding out how much I really don’t know.


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Pissed at this? Read on baby!


If you get angry at profiling those who are most likely to attack innocent people, then yes; you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

My vote was not wasted, I can tell you.

Just vote the dumb bastards out and put in the lot who say what they mean, and mean what they say.

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