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Dumb Canadians sing dhimmi song to Syrians

Where to start? People who sing and make a public demonstration of their so-called moral virtue by welcoming “Syrian refugees” into country are just plain stupid. Some Canadians have taken stupid to a whole new level. Oh, my dear God, … Continue reading

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ASIO Bossy Boots

UPDATE 20.12.2015 The mighty Andrew Bolt returns from Christmas break to cover this astounding story:  What other Liberal MPs is Turnbull handing over to the spooks? Malcolm Turnbull says he provided ASIO’s chief Duncan Lewis with the phone number of … Continue reading

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You Shall Be As Dust

Well deserved dressing down by Andrew Neil.

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Australian Offence Farce

I think I must be in love with Ray Hadley from Radio 2GB in Australia.  I admit to having erotic dreams about Alan Jones.   Yes, I only had one. No, I have not told my husband. I love these leading … Continue reading

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Town Council Fights Back. Sweet.

From Vlad Tepes blog, which I check every day. ACTON — Members of the Acton-Agua Dulce school board voted unanimously (5-0) Thursday evening to allow students to choose to draw Muhammad–or not–in one of America’s smaller school districts.

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Ignoramus v Geert

Main Stream Media personalities like Andrew O’Keefe let us down badly when they don’t see the danger of Islamic terrorism. 

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