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Powerful words

UPDATE: Dewinter now under 24/7 police protection.  The  West will be fucked if we can’t solve the problem. Words like this shine a light on the heart of darkness of Islam, and those who blissfully run cover for Muslims who … Continue reading

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Media Schmedia

Android Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t copy Youtube links.  I will wait until laptop access is available and toss this useless bit of kit into the river. Look for The Rebel Youtube channel and look at Ezra’s 2015 review of media … Continue reading

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Douglas is right…

I intend to  hand the freedoms I have enjoyed to the next generations to follow.

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Why I am an Islamophobe

Many people ask me why a lowly kafir like me would even take an interest in Islam in the first place.  In 2009, three young Muslim girls were dumped into the Rideau Canal (Kingston, Ontario, Canada), along  with their father’s … Continue reading

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Coexist, Peter Greste, Coexist

Peter Greste is locked up in Egypt, accused of aiding terrorists.  I hope Peter is coexisting with his captors and fellow prisoners. Now that is hashtag awesome.

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Ginger is the Victim

Horrific child sex abuse, aided and abeted by Ginger Gorman of the ABC, who championed a Leftist narrative rather than take a sceptical view of two men who have sourced a young boy, posing as a ‘normal and happy’ family. … Continue reading

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Obama *hearts the Muslim Brotherhood

O’Reilly interviews Obama. http://video.foxnews.com/v/4526781/bill-oreilly-interviews-president-obama/

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