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Aussie Patriots Condelled the Senate

The Senate results from the July 2016 election were finally released early last week.  And I must say that us Aussie patriots have changed the political landscape in the land down under. Firstly, we have knackered the impossibly stupid Malcolm … Continue reading

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Vale Bob Carter

I was awoken from a deep sleep last night by a phone call from a cherished mate.  She told me the heartbreaking news that Bob Carter had passed away from a heart attack suffered a few days ago. I knew … Continue reading

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What’s Up With Fingertips?

UPDATE 13 November 2015 From Facing God, the following quote: (emphasis mine) A Muslim friend expressed to me her inner turmoil about wearing fingernail polish. Water must touch fingernails before Allah will hear Muslims’ prayers. A Polish chemist, Wojciech Inglot, … Continue reading

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Hashtag Hag Bette Midler

Megaphone + Stupid = Midler.

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Czech Mate

Now, that’s a good move! The Czech government approved a draft law to end support for renewable energy, proposing to stop subsidies for new projects at the end of this year.

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Do you believe in Climate Change?

You don’t say!

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And the meek shall be hectored by Louis

Louis CK is wealthy enough to be convinced that ordinary, everyday people like us are destroying the planet.  He tries to kill two birds with one stone: Christianity AND Capitalism, both bedrocks of the personal freedom which has allowed him … Continue reading

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