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Canada: the Pakistan of the North

I read some history.  Gentle readers might want to reflect on how Pakistan came into being. Here we are.  One democratic nation falling after another. Tick tock. Advertisements

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Diversity is our Downfall.

Black Pigeon is making on hell of a lot of sense.  Since when does division and distrust lead to social cohesion?  Answer for the intellectually challenged or retarded souls who have been bathing in poisonous Cultural Marxism: NEVER.

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Powerful words

UPDATE: Dewinter now under 24/7 police protection.  The  West will be fucked if we can’t solve the problem. Words like this shine a light on the heart of darkness of Islam, and those who blissfully run cover for Muslims who … Continue reading

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Outright Theft

Brian Wilshire wrote a book called “Fine  Print 2” which covered this issue.  This book was published in 1993. In his book, he quotes Don McAlvany of the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor: “McIlvany gives an example of a CTR [Cash Transaction … Continue reading

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ASIO Bossy Boots

UPDATE 20.12.2015 The mighty Andrew Bolt returns from Christmas break to cover this astounding story:  What other Liberal MPs is Turnbull handing over to the spooks? Malcolm Turnbull says he provided ASIO’s chief Duncan Lewis with the phone number of … Continue reading

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UK: Women Under Sharia Law

This makes me sick.  Why on earth have we allowed politicians idiots to do  this to UK citizens? Then, before re-marrying her second husband, the woman would be required to have a temporary marriage, to a third man. ‘She will need … Continue reading

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Education 101

If a Government is going to subsidise education, they can either subsidise the school, or subsidise the student.   Why not give the student the choice?  Good question. From Daniel Hannan’s blog: What mattered to him most of all? Oddly enough, … Continue reading

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