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Canada: the Pakistan of the North

I read some history.  Gentle readers might want to reflect on how Pakistan came into being. Here we are.  One democratic nation falling after another. Tick tock. Advertisements

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Keep the Faith

Faith Goldy does it again!  If Trudeau is a nightmare for Canada, Turnbull is that same horror show for Australia. Watch and learn, baby.  Watch and learn.

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Trudeau Is Crazy-Brave

From my favourite blog Blazing Cat Fur. Trudeau is a danger to the Peace, Order and  Good Government of Canada.  Yes, his stupid ideas will impact on the lives of many ordinary Canadians who will have to suffer the obvious … Continue reading

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Real Change. Real Stupid.

Newly elected Prime Minister Trudeau is hell bent for leather on importing people who claim to be persecuted Syrians without even the most basic checks. That is just plain retarded.

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