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Aussie Patriots Condelled the Senate

The Senate results from the July 2016 election were finally released early last week.  And I must say that us Aussie patriots have changed the political landscape in the land down under. Firstly, we have knackered the impossibly stupid Malcolm … Continue reading

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Turnbull’s truckies could lose it all

It just doesn’t get any worse than this.  Turnbull could easily draw up legislation to abandon the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal which is forcing mum and dad truckies to financial ruin. But  no, Turnbull thinks he can use Aussie trucking … Continue reading

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Turnbull – the empty suit

I remain implacably opposed to the Liberal’s brain fart.  The Party replaced Abbott with Turnbull. Turnbull is a soft Left.  Not a Regressive Left, but Left nonetheless. Read it all. I am unabashedly conservative, both socially and fiscally. Is it … Continue reading

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Open letter to Malcolm Turnbull

  You are not my Prime Minister because you stole what you could never earn under your own steam.  You have gone where the Liberals should never have gone.  You have utterly destroyed the Liberal brand.  You have split the … Continue reading

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Democracy is imperfect, better than theocracy

This is democracy in action: messy, unpredictable and fabulously free. If you aren’t Australian, you might not get the joke.

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Turnbull tilts from pillar to post

UPDATE: 20.12.2015 Perhaps I could fix  it for Turnbull in relation  to Islamic violence, which is a greater danger than ever before.  Here: Disrespecting women non-Muslims does not always result in violence against women non-Muslims, but all violence against women … Continue reading

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Australian PM: Dog Who Caught Bus He Was Chasing

UPDATE: Turnbull wants to do a deal with the Devil.  Malcolm must be insane if he thinks cutting a deal will satisfy Islamic State.   This deal could possibly cede the Islamic State its own territory. Malcolm Turnbull looks for all … Continue reading

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