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Wisdom de Sowell – Affirmative Action Around the World

I read this, which helped me decide whether special rights should be afforded to groups of people. Cassie Jaye and Stefan Molyneux give ID Politics a bit of sunlight. Advertisements

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Sandra Says Something

And should we listen?  I think so.

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Two of my favorites

Jordan Peterson is an unlikely hero.

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State of Oppression

This young woman has been through hell and back.  Thank goodness she was able to escape to Italy to rediscover her freedom.  She needs to watch  her back, I would say.

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More Diversity = Less Freedom

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Leaked: Life inside the Islamic State

Life inside the Islamic State in Raqqa.  These clips were filmed secretly by two heroines inside Raqqa.  These women, if they were caught, would be stoned to death.  I am three minutes into watching it, and had to post it … Continue reading

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Powerful words

UPDATE: Dewinter now under 24/7 police protection.  The  West will be fucked if we can’t solve the problem. Words like this shine a light on the heart of darkness of Islam, and those who blissfully run cover for Muslims who … Continue reading

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