Legal Sexual Grooming of Children


The Safe Schools program in Australia is legalised child grooming.  Here’s why.

First a short synopsis from Oprah Winfrey.

Stage 1: Target the Victim;  Stage 2: Gain the victim’s trust; Stage 3: Fill the child’s needs; Stage 4: Isolate the child; Stage 5: Sexualise the child; Stage 6: Maintain control of the child

Gentle readers may like to watch this video which exposes this Safe Schools Program and pick all of the elements of grooming.




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1 Response to Legal Sexual Grooming of Children

  1. Mrs Beardsley says:

    The teachers already know the children, have gained their trust and fill the child’s needs. The children are being isolated from their parents because it is impossible for parents to know if their school has this Safe Schools Program. This program uses pictures and role play to sexualise the child, without parental knowledge. This abuse is maintained due to tactics used in the classroom, which effectively maintains control of the children.

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