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Muslim Brotherhood Proxy – Muslim Students Association. In Ontario.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organisation.  The Holy Land Foundation trial in the United States of America unearthed a key document called The Project. The US v HLF (Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development) (Dallas, 2008) was the … Continue reading

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World leaders show us the way

EGYPTIAN PRESIDENT EL-SISI: AUSTRALIAN EX-PM TONY ABBOTT:   And more from Vlad Tepes, who promises to keep us abreast of more leaders who speak plainly about the self evident problems when Islam comes to town. Just how many people did … Continue reading

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Czech mate.

  From Vlad. This sure is no small thing.  Patriots and liberty lovers around  the world need to know that there are leaders who drop truth bombs.

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What is “mansplaining”?

If  you ask me, Fiefield rocks.   @Nero explains why Senator Mitch Fiefield is so very brave.  He risks his entire career by calling this common scold to account for her hypocrisy.   LOL: Feminist Victimhood script.  “Quantum Superstate Feminism”:  Feminism … Continue reading

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Uplifting words. Indescribable loss for a family.

My brother Patrick. Bern, God often makes you wait till the very last second before he moves to bring you out of trouble. The evil you face is not Gary Burns, he is simply an agent of the true enemy, … Continue reading

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Vive la France. Or not.

A French woman stands and tells the crowd exactly what cultural enrichment is like. Published 8. February on Riposte Laique this was recorded on the 7 February 2016  during a day at Rungis (10 km outside of Paris because Patriots … Continue reading

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Canada added to Military Coup Bingo hopefuls

Just when I thought leaders could not possibly out-stupid each other more than they already have, that shiny pony Trudeau is cruising for a bitch slap from the Canadian forces.  Jesus wept.  He is a right retardate.

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