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Harper Gets It

This is why Harper punches well above his weight when it comes to Canada’s national security.  He is ready, willing and able to stand up for timeless values such as liberty, democracy and pride to protect every Canadian no matter … Continue reading

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DoubleSpeak, DoubleThink, DoubleTrouble

OK.  I get it.  Boston Mosques, are shown to attract Imams who preach hate against the West, hate against homosexuals, hate against women, hate against freedom ….and then deny doing it. Oh, and by the way, the Boston Bombers are … Continue reading

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CBC provided cover for Boston Jihadis. Gee, Thanks.

CBC has been in the business of providing cover for dangerous Jihadis by serving up “Little Mosque on the Prairie”, whilst all the while this was actually being planned.   Thanks, Canada.     And to the decendants of Laura Ingalls … Continue reading

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Bringin’ Hate since 1968!

Found on twitter – so true.  The outright hatred of men, families and children is evident.   This picture really says it all.  Men have been smeared as ‘chauvinist pigs’ since the late ’60’s.  Families are subordinate to careers by these … Continue reading

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These Babies are Known, Loved and Precious to the One who created them…

UPDATE: Good God. One baby was swimming in the struggle for life.  “The baby “was like swimming,” she said.  “Basically, trying to get out.” The Lame Stream Media’s doubleplusgood coverage of the Kermit Gosnell case allows this man’s deeds to … Continue reading

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Not all Muslims are devious jihadis. This is somehow a surprise to progressive leftists

This article says what needs to be said.  Your average progressive Zionist, i.e., your average left-wing Jewish pro-Israel activist, despises Geller far more than he or she despises even the most genocidal of Israel’s enemies.  The reason for this is … Continue reading

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That’s Queer

The only people who would be surprised are those leftists who think that homosexuals should be parents. Gay Couple Accused of Raping Multiple Adopted Children Will Face Trial. Funny that.  Most people who claim to be gay, aren’t.   We should … Continue reading

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