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Yes vs No – IV

31 Oct 2017 #LoveIsLove Oh. 26 Oct 2017 Dinner with a side of BACKLASH.  T’is the #loveislove brigade again. 23 Oct 217 Milo says NO.  Didn’t he just marry his boyfriend? 23 Oct 2017 Court punted from WA School. Just … Continue reading

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After a break from the Queen’s birthday, the opponents on this issue have started again! 16 Oct 2017 Church vandalised by the #loveislove brigade.  Yes, homosexual deviants are driven by pure unadulterated evil. 15 Oct 2017 It’s a freedom thing … Continue reading

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Legal Sexual Grooming of Children

The Safe Schools program in Australia is legalised child grooming.  Here’s why. First a short synopsis from Oprah Winfrey. Stage 1: Target the Victim;  Stage 2: Gain the victim’s trust; Stage 3: Fill the child’s needs; Stage 4: Isolate the … Continue reading

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Yes vs NO – II

And the beat goes on …… 30 Sep 2017 Wut. Anglican Church loses the plot. 29 Sep 2017  You guessed it. Yes supporter ASSAULTS bloke with NO sign.  UPDATE: Man Charged.  Good. 28 Sep 2017 Uh Oh. YES supporter harasses … Continue reading

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More abuse from Madlin

Madlin Sims appears to be now Sadlin Mims on Facebook.  For those who want to know, Madlin sacked an 18 year old contractor for supporting the NO vote on Same Sex Marriage. I asked Madlin whether she supports this:   … Continue reading

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Yes v No

                  24 Sep 2017 More gay marriage bullying. Christians cop it. 23 Sep 2017 Queensland Police not on with NO…. 23 Sep 2017 Best of the Week. 22 Sep 2017 Yes activist … Continue reading

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Update: Ovarian Cancer battle – One Year On

It has been awhile since I have posted. Links: Bob Beck device: … Dr Jason Fung (fasting and treatment of Type II diabetes): Dr Thomas Seyfried (PhD): Chris Beat Cancer: Cancer Tutor: Fasting: or Herbert … Continue reading

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