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Yes v No

                21 Sep 2017 Young people frightened to support NO case. 21 Sep 2017 Ballots for sale. 21 Sep 2017 No sign torn down. 21 Sep 2017 AFL bullies NO voters by openly … Continue reading

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Update: Ovarian Cancer battle – One Year On

It has been awhile since I have posted. Links: Bob Beck device: … Dr Jason Fung (fasting and treatment of Type II diabetes): Dr Thomas Seyfried (PhD): Chris Beat Cancer: Cancer Tutor:

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Tribute to Ash

Our cherished young mate Ash lost her David-v-Goliath battle with brain cancer earlier this month. Ash was diagnosed in October 2015 with a dangerous brain cancer which we called “Gollum”.  She knocked back chemotherapy as a first course of action … Continue reading

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Canada eh.

I was asked to post this for safe keeping. This is what they were trying to hide – Need to put it in two posts – New report alleges outside influence in Canada’s 2015 federal election Foreign money funnelled towards … Continue reading

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Sikh Awareness – Compelling

Wherever you live – UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Holland, France, Germany – you  need to be aware that brave souls like Andrew Norfolk have been giving a voice to victims of Muslim grooming gangs. If you have a daughter … Continue reading

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Sandra Says Something

And should we listen?  I think so.

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Two of my favorites

Jordan Peterson is an unlikely hero.

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