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Two of my favorites

Jordan Peterson is an unlikely hero. Advertisements

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Government ain’t God.

In this confusing post modern world where punters now have difficulty separating male and female, how on earth are people meant to tell the difference between Good and Evil? I lost God in my teens.  He is still there. This … Continue reading

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Bash the Boys

  This has got to be the most disgraceful and dishonest advertisement campaign by a supposedly conservative government in Australia. It is the brainchild of  Minister for Womyn, Michaelia Cash (now Employment Minister). This ad is so sickening, I cannot … Continue reading

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Victorian Government grooms children

This  is disturbing. Andrew Bolt reports on yet another devious scheme to push sexually explicit material onto school children, this time under the guise of “domestic violence prevention”.  They never stop, and they want access to innocent and  vulnerable children. … Continue reading

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Fiamengo is on tap

If you don’t know Dr Janice Fiamengo  is, trust me.  You need to find out. Here she is on Molyneux    

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Kill Feminism before it destroys you

Okay, pay  attention boys and girls.  Patrice Stanton is a bit like me: an aging baby boomer who has looked around at the scorched earth culture – created on her watch – and is trying her best to stop the … Continue reading

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Leaked: Life inside the Islamic State

Life inside the Islamic State in Raqqa.  These clips were filmed secretly by two heroines inside Raqqa.  These women, if they were caught, would be stoned to death.  I am three minutes into watching it, and had to post it … Continue reading

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